Sunday, February 12, 2006

Successful Motivation

Success is next to impossible without some form of motivation to thrust you forward. Without motivation you would have no reason to succeed, less the sheer idea of success itself. There are those who succeed only to succeed, they are driven by nothing except the wild goose chase of a success they will never find.

There are different types of motivation: Recognition, money, the things money can by, self-betterment, social status, and even revenge may contain the seeds of motivation. While these things, among many others, are forms of motivation, we can classify motivation into to main types – internal and external.

External motivation is usually a form of avoidance. A potential criminal act may be prevented because the motivation of not being caught is present. Pursuing a path of success as prescribed by one’s parents is another example of external motivation.

It is easy to see why external motivation can be ineffectual, misguided, fleeting, and unrewarding. That is not to say it does not have its place; for it can serve a useful purpose, and in the long run, may turn into its preferred form – internal motivation.

Internal motivation is derived from personal desire and belief. It leads to all-important success factors like: Persistence, drive, consistency, discipline, ambition, and purpose. Internal motivation also reduces bitterness, thereby leading to happiness. This happiness may manifest itself through charity, sharing, mentoring, volunteering, contentment, and other such things.

Another benefit of internal motivation is the ability to correct your course as you see fit. It allows for true growth. External motivation does not allow you to change, unless the external influence demands it.

The good news is you get to choose the type of motivation you will primarily use to succeed. Choose wisely.


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