Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thoughts On Resolutions.

Where I work resolutions are frowned upon, or made fun of. This does not stop me from making them. Do I keep all of my resolutions? No, but at least I try. Even the ones that have been broken have had some lasting benefit. Learning German, playing guitar, and getting in shape are all resolutions which did not last. There are still lasting benefits from these semi-failed attempts. I still know a few words and phrases in German,I remember a few guitar chords, and rarely drink sugar-filled soft drinks.

There is also an underlying benefit to failed resolutions. Just knowing you can improve some part of your life is powerful. Resolutions are a way of focusing on what could be better, and a failed resolution means you tried to make it better.

For the record, there have been a few resolutions that have stuck. In the past I have resolved to quit smoking, be more generous, and help people more. It's been over ten years since I've smoked, I call that a successful resolution. Being more generous, and helping people are more recent, but so far so good.

So, I say let those who are anti-resolution scoff. But I also want to let them know that I am here to help them in any way I can if they have a change of heart. In fact, regardless of what category you fall into, I still extend my offer to help.

Finally, let me wish you outstanding success in all of your endeavors in the coming year.


At 5:37 AM, Blogger Janet said...

New Year resolutions are usually short lived. Happy New Year to you.

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Lisa Pru and Brins human Or Brindlemastifflover said...

I think that resolutions or promises made each new year give us a sense of new beginnings - a time to reflect on our lives, an opportunity to evaluate goals and priorities, and to look to the future.

Resolutions (I have now started calling these promises to myself) may indeed be short lived, but the act of or the process of making them is so valuable.



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