Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So far, so good (A Year of Success - Update 1)

This is a brief update on A Year of Success, as well as a few ideas about it.

First of all, let me say thanks for all of the thoughtful comments so far. They are as helpful as they are encouraging.

Well, I figured I was probably going to start small, and so far I would say that is correct. My updates will not include simple smiles, being polite, nor other general niceties. I think these are things that should be done anyway.

Day 1 - Stopped to remove a large piece of debris from the road. Other people were driving around it. The road wasn't too busy. I stopped my car, put on my hazard lights, walked over to the debris, and simply moved it to the side of the road and safely out of traffic.

Day 2 - Brought doughnuts into work for my birthday (which was yesterday). That is just what is expected so that alone doesn't live up to the spirit of what I'm trying to do. I did, however, send some of the doughnuts to our new facility. These are people I have only met once, but I hope they enjoyed the surprise. I also tried to call someone who helped me out 18 years ago, but my initial attempt was unfruitful. I'm not giving up, but it will have to wait for another day.

Here are a few thoughts that came to me about A Year of Success:

1. I will have to be on alert for success opportunities when they arise.

2. Things I would have ignored before will now have to be acted upon.

3. I'll have to get out of the house more. This allows for more interaction with people who I may be able to help.

4. Sometimes it will be easy, and other times more difficult. This will not be an excuse to avoid doing something.

5. Writing down ideas on who to help and how to help have already come in handy. I'm sure this practice will continue coming in handy.

6. I won't always know the impact a simple act will have, but assume it will have a successful outcome.

Thanks again for the wonderful comments and suggestions.


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