Friday, October 28, 2005

Hope this helps...

Enviroman gets his wish.

In my attempt to help anyone on a daily basis, I thought it would be fitting to help out one The Success Spots' readers. The original comment was as follows...

At 10:55
, Enviroman said...

Nice of you. How about doing a good deed for the environment and for
Enviroman who is on a campaign to increase environmental awareness.
To see how you can help, visit Support Enviroman

Enviroman Says

Some may think his promotional method borders on spam, but it is not my place to decide his plan for success. So in the spirit of good faith, I decided to send 500 visitors his way. I used 150 of my credits at WebmasterQuest and 350 of my credits at Traffic Roundup. This should be a nice start, I wish for him and all of you to be successful.


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