Sunday, September 25, 2005

Most Popular - 7 Days To Go

Well, just one week until the first anniversary of The Success Spot is here. Today I thought it would be nice to re-cap the most popular posts I have written. How to determine popularity is not that easy. So, any post that has garnered five comments or more is included in the list.

Fear Of Open-Mindedness (A bit of a rant) (7 comments)

Communication Breakdown? (5 comments)

Empty Potential (8 comments)

A Quote From Live8 (5 comments)

Choices (6 comments)

A Simple Gift (8 comments)

Comments are only one measure of a posts' popularity. Also, I don't think popularity is the most important aspect of what I write -- impact is. Helping people reach their full potential, still remains my main goal.


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