Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Good News - #22

Here are a few more Good News stories from the previous week. Let's remember there is good stuff happening in the world, at different levels. Enjoy! (Due to the dynamic nature of news I do not know how long any of the links will remain active).

On a personal level, I look forward to the workplace improvement that is catching on in beautiful New Zealand. Even if you think the idea isn't practical, I'm willing to bet you wouldn't say no if it was offered where you work.

Seems like it was a good week for reducing miscreants' ability to do harm. People in Colombia are now safer from druglords, the IRA's pledge to disarm is welcome in Northern Ireland, and the arrests of hundreds of gang members makes U.S. streets even safer.

Small efforts are leading to huge results in organ donations. This article gets special mention for its depth, and inclusion of organ donation resources.

There are stories all the time that show the world isn't all bad, but I bet you knew that already. If you could make something good happen, what would it be?


At 10:22 AM, Blogger maria said...

If I had the power of doing something good for the world it would be that everyone on this earth would have clean water to
drink and for general purposes.



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