Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Simple Gift

My wife is a cashier at a gas station, and frequently is on the receiving end of customers that are frustrated with high gas prices. It seems as though tempers rise with prices. I am sure they understand she has no control over pricing, after all, she has to pay the high prices too. Some days are better than others.

Today was one the better ones. Sure, there was the normal complaints of co-workers not pulling their weight and the like. She was lucky enough to be on the right register at the right time. It wasn't anything amazing, but it made my wife's day.

A little girl came in with her mother. When she got up to the counter the little girl handed my wife a picture she had lovingly colored. It is a picture of a Barbie presenting an empty pillow. Allowing whoever is coloring it to choose what will go on the pillow. The caption reads "What did the prince give the princess?" I think of my wife as that princess and have to answer that question with one word: plenty.

Why was it special, because the little girl colored it to give to whoever was going to wait on her at the gas station. When my wife came home with that picture she was beaming an infectious smile. Now, I may never get the chance to meet this little girl, so I will take this opportunity to say "Thank you for making my wife happy today, and you are really good at coloring"

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Somethin's brewin'

It's been a while since I posted. This is just a quick message to say I'm still here, and have a few different ideas brewing. The tricky part is deciding which idea to develop first. When I think i know which way I'm going, more ideas flood in.

It's great to be in a state of ideas. A little sorting out is due in short order, and I sincerely hope the results merit the wait.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Quick Thought - An Explanation?

Here is a recap of my most recent post, along with the two comments it received:

Beware of manipulation disguised as mutual benefit.
posted by A1 Success Force @ 11:09 PM 2 wonderful things said

At 8:35 AM, Chris said...
That's a good thought to keep in mind whether shopping, working or hanging out with ones significant other at the college quadrangle.Deliberate Chaos
At 12:47 PM, Pug8 said...
That seems kind of negative for the up-beat blog I have come to know. However, I do realize that "nobody can be alright all the time, and I said that"-Bob Dylan
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Perhaps I could have worded iy differently to sound more positive. Perhaps I could have removed it, and created a "nicer" one. Those thoughts definitely crossed my mind because I do want to keep The Success Spot a place where good thoughts are the focus.

Ultimately, I decided to leave it as is. It shows I'm human, and am not always in the best frame of mind. Obviously, my frame of mind right now is a reflective one.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Quick Thought

Beware of manipulation disguised as mutual benefit.

Friday, August 05, 2005

A New Ideal - Social

A few weeks ago I mentioned some ideas about reaching my full potential. The question was, and still is: How can I reach the ideal, that is, approach my full potential, in each of these six main areas of success?

So, I have been working on a list for each of the six major areas of success. The lists are intended to be a combination of goals and guidelines. Here then is my first, and admittedly incomplete, attempt at a list of social ideals.

  • Mastery and acceptance of self
  • Steady progression in self-defined success
  • Being aware of my past, present, and future social state
  • Loving myself for who I am, and the journey I am on
  • Loving my family unconditionally
  • Being honest – without being hurtful
  • Being accepted
  • Spending time just 'being' with family
  • Doing things for family
  • Befriending neighbors
  • Seeking acquaintances to become friends
  • Helping neighbors in need (openly or anonymously)
  • Speaking well of people I know
  • Defending people when they are the subject of gossip
  • Promoting the message of what is good in the world
  • Reaching out through writing
  • Hands on activities to increase all people's well being

I still feel like I am forgetting some major points, but thought it was more important to get started than it was to be perfect. What would you put on your list?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Good News - #22

Here are a few more Good News stories from the previous week. Let's remember there is good stuff happening in the world, at different levels. Enjoy! (Due to the dynamic nature of news I do not know how long any of the links will remain active).

On a personal level, I look forward to the workplace improvement that is catching on in beautiful New Zealand. Even if you think the idea isn't practical, I'm willing to bet you wouldn't say no if it was offered where you work.

Seems like it was a good week for reducing miscreants' ability to do harm. People in Colombia are now safer from druglords, the IRA's pledge to disarm is welcome in Northern Ireland, and the arrests of hundreds of gang members makes U.S. streets even safer.

Small efforts are leading to huge results in organ donations. This article gets special mention for its depth, and inclusion of organ donation resources.

There are stories all the time that show the world isn't all bad, but I bet you knew that already. If you could make something good happen, what would it be?