Monday, April 11, 2005

A Great Example

I was leaving a cookout with friends on Saturday afternoon. My wife and were dropping off our little one at my sister-in-law's house, which was some distance away. Oh sure, I thought I knew the way form the cookout, which was in a rural location. No need for me to ask directions from anyone at the cookout.

After a short while of enjoying a scenic backroads drive I realized we were very low on gas. D'oh! I thought to myself, "No problem. I'm sure if I keep going on the same road, I'll end up by a gas station." Good theory. We were lucky enough to see some town's watertower not too far off. I headed for it, trying not to let it out of my view. We were at a gas station within a few moments with gas to spare. Woo hoo!

I pulled up to the pump and noticed it was an old-fashioned model, no credit cards taken at this pump. That was okay though, because I was planning on paying in cash. Luckily a gentleman was putting gas in his car at the next pump over. He saw what I was doing and said, "I don't think those are on, this pump is converted to accept credit cards, the rest are cash only." To which I asked "Oh? Are they closed?" He said "Yep".

Here was my situation.

1. I was kind of lost.

2. I was running out of gas.

3. I did not have a way to pay for it at this gas station.

4. There was no other gas station on sight.

So, I did something with which I have struggled many times - I asked for directions to the next nearest gas station. Now we're getting to the good part.

I asked the guy for directions, which he happily gave. Two things became quickly obvious, however. First, he was from around 'here'. Second, I was not from around 'here'. Once he realized this he said, "You know, I'm finished here. If you would like you can just follow me". I gave him a big smile, and told him that would be great.

Now, not only did he lead the way, he also asked where I was heading, and gave me easy directions on how to get there. He came across as a very likeable person. In fact I don't know who was made happier by this chance encounter. If you ask me, that was a great example of how people should, and do, treat each other.


At 1:11 PM, Blogger Jason said...

what a great story! I grew up in a very rural area and this sounds like something that would happen back home.

My wife works at a great hospital with a similar practice. If a visitor asks an employee for directions to another part of the hospital, the employee stops what they're doing and takes the visitor to wherever they're going.

At 9:13 AM, Blogger Pug8 said...

1. It goes to show what goes around comes around...remember Iowa, and the gas station and the several hundred dollars in cash that you would not pocket? (yeah, a1successforce did that, without hesitation, I might add)
2. My hospital works the same way, don't give directions, walk the visitor to their destination. It gives us a chance to get to know the customer, and gives them a chance to feel as necessary as they are to our organization.


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