Sunday, April 24, 2005

Good News - #12

Hooray! Three months of Good News and counting. Use these stories anytime to counter any claims of there being nothing but bad news. (Due to the dynamic nature of news I do not know how long any of the links will remain active).

The peace process between two nuclear powers can sometimes be described as tentative at best. Other times it can create dangerous tensions. This week, however, brings news about what India and Pakistan are calling an 'irreversible peace'. The article covers several aspects of how this peace has come about. It is quite inspiring, and gives hope to anyone interested in peace.

This probably will not come as shock to those of us who are positive thinkers, but it is always welcome news to have science back up the claim that happier people are healthier people. It's a very quick read that covers the bsics - short and sweet.

The end of the U.S. school year will soon be here. And just as soon, there will also be jokes going around about college graduates with doctorates getting jobs flipping fast food hamburgers. This promising report shows a growing trend for employment after graduation. Still, the jokes may be as funny, but they will have a lot less sting, and that qualifies as good news for the educated.

What will the next week bring? The next three months? I don't know, but you can bet it is going to be Good News.


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