Friday, March 04, 2005

Good News - #5

This is now the fifth week of my looking for the good news that is out there. To be sure, there are good news stories presented in the media. One of the problems is that bad news can tend to dominate a broadcast, front page or conversation. The last item is where we can all step in and share what is good with the world. When someone is sharing bad news, you can counteract it by sharing good news. Just a thought. (Due to the dynamic nature of news I do not know how long any of the links will remain active).

The peace process can be hard work, and rebuilding infrastructure is a part of that process. India and Pakistan are making tremendous strides towards peace. Here is an interesting article about how a new bus route is helping connect these two countries.

From the world of medicine it was announced that a 2001 initiative against measles is reaping substantial benefits. Even in the typically worst places the results have been dramatic.

The war on drugs has been an ongoing battle for generations. Now from Laos comes a new weapon that is winning the fight against opium. Personally, I think some would call it the lesser of two evils :o)

That's a few of the many positive news stories from the past week. I hope you get a chance to share these (or any positive news) with someone soon.


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