Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Positive Diet

A regular diet of the positive has many benefits. The greatest of which, in my opinion, is developing the ability to handle negative situations better.

Reading books, listening to tapes, and associating with positive people are some of the best ways to feed on the positive. Take some time to find, and reduce the negative influences in your life, and increase the positive. (I will be adding a regular posting on positive resources soon). What happens is that your thinking changes. The changes are almost imperceptible most of the time. Sometimes though I have read, or heard something that has had an immediate and long lasting positive impact.

At first the effects of positive are quite temporary, and may only last as long as you are exposed to them. After a while the effect lasts a bit longer, and longer. Eventually, with enough ongoing input, your attitude has been shored up to the point of handling negative situations with a positive response.

Over the years I have found it is crucial to make it a habit to feed myself a diet of the positive. When I slack off in this I also slack off in my positivity. Don't get me wrong, I have bad days too, and I don't always handle them the way I would like. But the more often I can react positively, the better I feel, which adds to feeling's an upward spiral.

To put it another way, I can chose to remain bitter (which happens if I slip in my positive habits), or I can chose to find the good in things and use my time here for better things. I chose the latter.


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