Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Financial Resources

One day at work one of my co-workers was complaining about his lack of money. It was a real hard luck case, and I listened politely. Then I asked him if he would like some advice on how to make a ton of money. He perked right up, and was practically salivating at the thought. I asked him if he was ready, really ready. When he could barely stand it no more I said ***Ok, here is the best piece of advice about money I can give you: Don t take my advice***

I went on to remind him that we both worked at the same place, and were basically financial equals. Why would he want my advice? So, instead of spouting well-proven theories, I told him to seek advice from those who were in the financial situation he would like to be. In that same vein, here are some links to sources that are more financially qualified than I am.

CNN/Money: Money 101 With 23 interactive lessons, this is a great place to start a journey on the road to financial success. The parent site is loaded with other financial goodies like calculators, planners, quotes, news, tips, investment advice, and more. Credit/Debt offers a method called the Accelerator Margin that shows you how to get free of all debt in 7.5 years. The related articles are also very helpful.

Better Budgeting has a free monthly newsletter with the main focus on saving and budgeting money. Saving money, and living below your means are sound financial principles regardless of income level.

The Dollar Stretcher is another site that focuses on keeping more of your money in your pocket. It covers a much wider range of topics than BetterBudgeting. It also has much more available to non-subscribers, and is updated weekly.

These four sites are my personal favorites. If you have any sites, or a favorite blog, related to financial success pass it along so we can all benefit.


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