Thursday, November 25, 2004

Something To Look Out For

Positive thinking is probably the most misunderstood element that success gurus speak of. The average person often smirks and winks at those of us who believe in such "nonsense". I don't think of being positive as skipping along through life without a care; that's unrealistic.

Obviously, how you react is important, but what you choose to react to is equally important. An exercise that I use involves positive thinking in one of its highest forms.

Receiving inspiration from unintentional sources has the ability to transform the mundane into the wonderful. What are some of these unintentional sources? These could be anything. Overheard snippets of conversation at the supermarket, the words on the back of a cereal box, bicycle assembly instructions, song lyrics (a big source for me), and many others.

In their raw form these things may pass by in a state of accidental apathy, but upon reflection a hidden inspiration may begin to emerge. Aimless reflection often yields few results. Framing your thoughts with what is relevant to your definition of success is what will produce the best results.

At first, practicing this can be frustrating, and even a bit confusing. "What should I reflect on?", "What could make it relevant?", and "Am I doing this right?" are all common questions at first. Stick with it and it will get easier, and who knows, you may find something truly inspirational in the otherwise mundane.


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