Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Northern Lights - A Connection To The Past?

Tonight I was able to see the Northern Lights. Not only did I see them, but they were the most vivid display I have ever seen. The Aurora seemed to cover almost half the sky; quite impressive.

I drove the family out of town to escape the lights of the city. We found a hill with a breath-taking view. Even though it was a bit cool, I decided to brave the elements and actually get out of the car. It was worth it. As I stood there alone (the family chose the comfort of the car), surveying the landscape capped with the awesome display of light, a thought occurred to me.

Being of partially Nordic descent, I began to wonder how my Viking (I don't really know if they were Vikings or not, but I like to think they were) ancestors felt. Did they feel the same sense of awe and wonder? Were they fearful? Did they understand the association of the Sun with a nighttime event? Most of all, I wondered, as I stood on the hill would I have been a brave Viking warrior? I could feel a boldness rising, I stood in defiance to the breeze, in defiance to the wind.....

Then a TAP! TAP! TAP! scared the daylights out of me and I was back in the comfort of the car. I asked my family if they had heard that tapping noise. My little one replied "Daddy, that was me tapping on the window, because you were standing in my way". And then I wondered if a Viking ever had the same thing happen to them.


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