Wednesday, October 06, 2004

3 Options For Ruts

"Sick of being stuck in a rut, are ya?" I rhetorically asked myself during my morning commute today. That got me to thinking about some different options for handling being stuck in a rut. I came up with the following three ways.

1. Change your actions. I've read this concept somewhere before, but the actual source does not come to mind. In the example of going to work, this concept suggests that you change your route to work. Driving through a predominantly rural area, my past attempts at this method have been mediocre.

On the plus side, I have discovered some beautiful scenery, and learned more about the surrounding areas. The downside to this has usually been getting to work late, and then having to explain to my less than sympathetic boss about the "benefits" of getting out of my rut.

2. Stay put. That's right, stay in your rut. It may not be something you'll read in any success book, but it is a definite option. After all, there may be valid reason for certain ruts. I drive to work the same way each morning because it's the fastest way to get there.

Other ruts may fall into this category, too. Like giving my wife a kiss goodbye in the morning, and saying "I love you", or buying popcorn at the movies. (And no I'm not trying to say the two are equivalent to each other; I'm trying to make a point).

3. Change your re-actions. This is more of a middle of the road approach, but the one I prefer. Yes, I may be in a rut on my morning commute. Changing my way to work is not the best choice, and staying in the rut probably isn't the best either. So the third and best choice for me is to simply change the mental part of the rut.

In other words, controlling my reactions to a rut makes the rut virtually disappear.


At 10:41 AM, Blogger The Zero Boss said...

Good suggestions all. I've found that I've used all of these while writing my book. When stuck in a particular chapter, I either (1) go work on another chapter for a while, (2) take a long break from writing, or (3) start the chapter fresh, giving me a clean slate.

At 9:14 PM, Blogger Tammy said...

Nice thoughts. I prefer number three myself. It's all about how we react to the world around us. We can change our actions, but I don't think it does any good unless our reactions change, as well.

Good post.


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